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"Cumulus clouds formed heavily in the south like huge woolpacks heaped up in pictureque disorder. Under the influence of the breezes they merged together, growing darker, forming a single menacing mass. The raft lay motionless in the sluggish waveless sea." And in silence, they waited for the storm ..... Quote from Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth

"Amazing...your company...your projects...simply amazing! I couldn't help but email you coz very rarely do I come accross a great website made by all-pinoys... that's all! kudos!"
- DG of WAP
(6 Dec 1997)

"Very nice setup you have on your site. My compliments to your RealMedia implementation and overall website scheme. It looks very aesthetically pleasing. Your content is also relevant, interesting, and comprehensive."
- Deo
(27 Nov 1997)


We're now based in Canada!!!

We hope to provide you with better services including the latest developing technology like Broadband NetTV and more video-on-demand services.

Storm Visualization & Imaging was originally established in July 1994 to provide digital imaging services to the Philippines' video and film industries. It's services included computer-generated animation, visual effects, compositing, image processing, film recording to 35mm cine film and web page design, development and hosting. StormViz ventured into imaging applications that pioneered the Philippines' local creative visualization process through the use of digital processing and other imaging enhancing techniques.

Now, as our services are based in Canada, StormViz is moving into new dimensions of Broadband technology such as NetTV. Watch out for these new and exciting developments!!!

Inquiries: info@stormviz.com



A picture is worth a thousand more pictures! Thousands of tiny micro-images are arranged to recreate the detail of your own photo. Grab everyone's attention either as a marketing tool or as a gift with the quality and visual power of each image. Click here for more info.

Any PhotoCollage can be made either with:

  • Premium Collection : Our most popular collection of over 50,000 micro-images. Imagine your portrait or company logo made of thousands of random photos.
  • Custom Collection : Provide your own collection of photos and images and we will use them to create your own PhotoCollage.

    World Wide Web Presence is also being provided by StormViz to individuals and companies. We can create your very own websites and publish them over the Internet. You will be given for FREE your very own URL or Website Address of the form www.stormviz.com/your_name/. StormViz's server, having a fiber-optic multiple redundant T-3 connectivity with dynamic routing, is based in the US, the center of all Internet links and activites, giving web surfers quicker, faster and wider access to web sites. Redundancy with dynamic routing means that if one T3 line goes down, your websites can be reached automatically through another route. Our internet backbone connectivity runs at 100 megabits per second. Click here for our rates.

    We also support multimedia websites with RealAudio™ and RealVideo™ media file formats from RealNetworks, Inc. for HTTP pseudo-streaming audio and video playback.

    • DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION: Your website can be accessed with an address of the simple form www.your_name.com which is much shorter, more professional looking, and easier for people to remember.

    • WEBSITE VIRTUAL HOSTING: Your website can be accessed with an address of the simple form www.your_name.com which is much shorter, more professional looking, and easier for people to remember.

    • SUBDOMAINS: SubDomains are WWW addresses such as www.your_name.stormviz.com. SubDomains offer a more professional-looking web site address than www.stormviz.com/your_name


    3D Modeling and Animation, Image Processing, Digital Photocomposition, and Visual Effects


    Enhanced CDs are music CDs that can also function as a CD-ROM, with ROM data included on the music disc. Enhanced CD technology (also known as a CD Plus or CD Extra) just emerged late 1994 in the US market. It is a method of making a mixed media CD that plays as a standard Audio CD and also has computer data to function as a CDROM. It uses something called a multisession cd format that combines two previous CD standards into a new standard. It literally presses multiple cd formats onto one CD, thus the "single-session" and "multisession" terminology.

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